Don’t Vote: Gets Noticed by CNN and Its Viewers

There have been some developments with the “Don’t Vote” video I directed and co-produced with Eric Mofford.  The video was recently submitted to CNN’s where it was selected as a finalist in their “Campaign ’08” online film festival.

In addition, the video in just two weeks received nearly 2,700 hits just on the website.  The video was also picked up and broadcast on CNN during it’s regular political programming to be seen by countless numbers of viewers.


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Making A Statement: “Don’t Vote” by Wil B. and The Billionaires

"50 B" and "The Prez" think the joke's on you

At this point, the music video I wrote, produced and directed for “The Billionaires” song “Don’t Vote” has been posted on CNN’s website.  The whole process for me, has been a roller-coaster ride which I sense still has yet to reach the end of the line.  

As the video starts to see the light of day, and possibly the eyes of millions of television and Internet viewers, I think it is worth saying a few words about my intent on doing this video.  I suppose that is fairly unusual for any filmmaker to make any comments about what his or her thought process was in doing any project, but I suppose at the end of the day, what I have done is to make a very pointed political statement.

Actually, the video itself really is the largest statement that I have made, and with the exception of a missing sax-playing Bill Clinton in a corner of the barber shop, and a few other ideas that became technically and financially impossible,  the video speaks many of the original points that I wished to make.  However, it is worth pointing out that the version of the video that has been posted and possibly aired on CNN has been sanitized of a few corporate logos that were very specifically used and placed.  I will only post the video that hasn’t been sanitized on this website.

The Billionaires’ song “Don’t Vote” became easy inspiration for me to imagine an American President who is brought into an all-American barber shop at the end of a physically, morally and in the case of this video, metaphorically damaging eight years.  It’s Floyd’s Barber Shop located in the heart of Twin Peaks.

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