VOTE! Helping Local Voices to Get Heard

One of the featured ads for the 2012 Local Voices campaign.

I am very proud once again to lend my talents to help get out the vote during this important campaign season.  While it’s not difficult to see where my allegiance lies, once again I have chosen a less obvious path.  Rather than simply cheering for a candidate I believe in, I was given the opportunity to work on spots that promote the voices of average, working class and retired Americans who have positive observations that they wish to speak.  Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters who have something to say.

This year, it is via Local Voices, the award-winning organization who continues to spread a positive and no spin message. I am proud to have edited three pieces for filmmakers John Allen and Bella Le Nestour, with special and personal thanks to Lyn Goldfarb who connected me to John, Bella and the entire campaign!  The pieces are:

  • Sean, from Lima, Ohio.  An Independent voter who saw the way the stimulus package and community grants helped turn around the economy in his home town.
  • MaryAnn, from Marion, Ohio.  This outspoken retired school teacher talks about the importance of education to help keep a nation like ours thriving.
  • Robert, from Sarasota County, Florida.  The most challenging of the pieces I worked on, Robert is an farming and agriculture consultant who talks about food security and the importance of local food production.  Sobering.

Please remember, your vote DOES matter and your voice needs to be heard!  Get involved.  Silence is not signal!

To read more about the acclaimed Local Voices campaign, check out this piece in the Huffington Post!



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