Music Video: Don’t Vote – Wil B. & The Billionaires

2008 presented a great opportunity to direct this music video for Wil B. & The Billionaires.  The video marked my contribution to the electoral process outside of the voting booth.  The rapper, Wil B. was quick to get our piece submitted to CNN’s “Campaign ’08” online film festival, where it soon became a selected finalist in the competition.

What thrilled me about making a rather outspoken jab at the “recycled bodies” that have come to be our political representatives and the media machine that perpetuates them, was the fact that we had folks from all political perspectives participate on this film shoot.  Each committed to preserving the sanctity of the electoral process and the power of the ballot box.

A shout-out needs to go to all the cast and crew, Executive Producer for The Billionaires, Clifford Tasner, my Co-Producer and partner-in-crime Eric Mofford, long-time collaborator & D.P. David R. Hardberger.  Without these people, this project would never have come together.

Today in 2010, I finally got around to a re-cut which is as close to a final vision as I have for the project.  It’s my goal to get a second music video under my belt this year to help build momentum on continuing projects as a music video Director.  Still under wraps is a project that looks to be coming together in the next month:  a full-length music performance video that I’ll be cutting for another filmmaker who will be directing a pioneering New Age artist on his next big endeavor.

If I were to come up with a short wish list of artists I’d love to work with, it might be as follows: Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, OVIDEO, Ben Harper & Relentless 7, OK Go, Bill Laswell & Method of Defiance, Toledo Diamond & The Toledo Show, Sigur Rós, Jamie Catto of 1 Giant LeapPat Metheny, Peter Gabriel and David Sylvian to name just a few!

As with my goals as a filmmaker, I have the goal of creating music videos which are innovative and indelible.  The sort of concepts and images that set the artist apart as much as the image and vibe. Creating the next Sledgehammer, the next Afrika Shox, the next Glósóli. . .

More to come,


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