Story: The Power of Discovery Comes Tumbling Home to Me

At one point, I seriously considered cutting a short film focused on this young man’s mistake. I felt thrilled on the one hand that as a filmmaker, I had material that captured a memorable moment in a person’s life. The sort of thing that could just as easily represent a wrong turn in life, as it could a blip in a fairly average teenage boy’s life. I also felt a moment of sickness that rose from a wash of empathy, remembering kindred moments in my life at that age. Even a wish that none of it had ever happened.

After the Fact: A Director’s Musings on the Go Public Experience

When I met Mrs. Large the previous week, I knew that this small statured, gentle-natured person was someone quite special. She didn’t need to be someone of large flourishes or grandiose personality to leave her mark on me, or the walls of the library. The day of filming left me with concrete examples of what I already sensed of her. A gentle, thoughtful way of leading students toward learning. Deep caring not only for her students, but of what she does. The more I was there, witnessing the day’s activities, the more I began regaining personal sense-memories of my considerable days hanging out in the Eliot Library. Before long, I had the realization that the library of any learning institution, is not only a physical “mind”, but the soul of the institution. Sanctuary. Whether you are a child who gets straight “A’s” and sees all of a school as a place of learning, or perhaps someone who might dread going into a certain class because they aren’t achieving the highest grades, the library and her caretaker are there to offer safe haven to a mind.

Editor Reel: 2011

2011 has been a productive year for me as an Editor.  My partners and I have completed a new Sizzle Reel for our reality project based around Drift Alliance, and we expect to see it picked up soon for the 2012 television season. My work also made it into live action feature and short films…

Making A Statement: “Don’t Vote” by Wil B. and The Billionaires

It might also surprise you to know that a number of the folks who worked on this video would not fit into categories like “democrats” or so-called “liberals”. We had people on this show who identify themselves and vote Republican. Everyone on this show contributed and came together on this project for love and belief in their country.

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