From The Archive: The Idea of Stanley Kubrick (2007)

A part of my heart broke when Stanley Kubrick died. The man that crafted the initial spark which set this filmmaker’s heart on fire would never again set forth a new spark. We will all have those moments to look back upon the body of work he left behind, but somehow, I feel we really did lose Kubrick too early. It was just the idea of knowing that somewhere in the world, Stanley Kubrick was creating new ideas that made the world just a little bit more exciting.

Frederick Wiseman’s HOSPITAL: Thoughts on Cinéma Vérité plus An Evening with Tucker Stilley

I have heard Wiseman himself describe his films as having more in common with a mirror, rather than a magnifying glass. He further suggests that the situations depicted in his films are open to the interpretation of the viewer not unlike any work of art. In respect to High School, Wiseman tells a story of how teachers and school administrators were initially pleased by the film, however when criticism of the school appeared in reviews of the film, administration and teachers became divided in their support of the film. One film, two perspectives reinforced.

Making A Statement: “Don’t Vote” by Wil B. and The Billionaires

It might also surprise you to know that a number of the folks who worked on this video would not fit into categories like “democrats” or so-called “liberals”. We had people on this show who identify themselves and vote Republican. Everyone on this show contributed and came together on this project for love and belief in their country.

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